Draft Wodonga Activity Centre Hierarchy Strategy

Consultation closing at 2pm on Tuesday, May 21, 2019.

The draft Wodonga Activity Centre Hierarchy Strategy seeks to:

  • Integrate and articulate a tiered activity centre hierarchy with retail floorspace allocation and staged supply timeframe;
  • Establish the Central Business Area (CBA) as a regional hub for employment and commercial activities;
  • Meet the needs of both its regional and local catchments; and,
  • Meet the existing and future retail needs of Wodonga and surrounding areas in a staged manner having regard to the overall hierarchy.

An updated activity centre hierarchy facilitates the development of new floorspace to meet demand in the areas planned to experience growth over time, and provide clear direction on the optimal timing, scale and location of new activity centres to ensure the economic sustainability and accessibility of the existing network and hierarchy is not compromised.

The draft strategy highlights the need to respond to the broader challenges to the retail industry; in particular, the need for activity centres to accommodate a range of commercial, hospitality, entertainment and community uses to improve visitor experiences and maintain a diversity of complementary uses in centres. Measures to address vacant shopfronts in the CBA should also be considered.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

The draft Wodonga Retail Hierarchy Strategy that was endorsed at the April Council Meeting, is now open for public consultation. 

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