Draft Waste Management Strategy

Consultation closed on Friday, February 22, 2019.

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The draft Waste Management Strategy details the council’s vision for sustainable waste management throughout the city. It sets out clear objectives, targets and actions in line with the overall vision for this strategy. 

Waste management was one of the first examples of communities taking environmental action on a large scale, starting with the embracing of household recycling programs about 25 years ago. Recycling is now an established habit within most households (and some business and industry groups), which provides thousands of tonnes of waste a second life and greatly reducing landfill operations and the production of hundreds of tonnes of dangerous greenhouse gas emissions.

The draft strategy provides the foundation for service improvements and guides future decisions regarding waste, recycling, organic and litter services, to benefit the whole community. It aims to provide increasingly efficient and effective waste services and to further reduce waste volumes sent to landfill.

There are a number of issues to be addressed over the life of the strategy.

•    Enhancing consumer awareness resulting in better purchasing selections
•    Reducing the amount of contamination in all three kerb-side household waste bins
•    Reducing the amount of waste being deposited into landfill
•    Increasing recycling rates, with an emphasis on business and industry
•    Increasing the efficiency of the waste transfer station
•    Greater involvement with AlburyCity under the Two Cities One Community plan

The draft strategy aims to continue to enhance improvements in recycling, including reduced contamination and increased recovery, improvements in utilisation and expansion of food and garden waste bins, improved use and increased efficiency at the waste transfer station, introduction of new programs such as electronic waste recycling, best use of landfill waste via reuse as a fuel for energy and increased support for the community to adapt to changes as detailed in both federal and state government policy.

February 22, 2019

This consultation has now closed. Thank you to everyone who has had their say. 

A final report will be drafted.

January 22, 2019

The Draft Waste Management Strategy is now out for public consultation.

Wodonga Waste Transfer Station

29 Kane Road, Wodonga

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