Playground consultations 2016

Consultation closed on Thursday, December 1, 2016.

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When playgrounds are due for refurbishment a review occurs to ensure facilities continue to meet community needs.

Wodonga Council's Playometer is used to help design the city's playgrounds. The Playometer matches play equipment with different parks but relies on user input to measure the fun factor so we can build playgrounds that meet awesomeness factor.

The Playometer is now running for the playgrounds below.

Playgrounds provide a low-cost and accessible child and family-focused environment for participation and engagement in play and leisure.

There is a commitment to providing high-quality play spaces which are equitably distributed. As outlined in the council’s playground strategy, when playgrounds are due for upgrades a review will occur to make sure the facilities still continue to meet community need and that available resources are allocated appropriately. During this review, the council would like to seek feedback from the community.

These playgrounds will remain as open green space even if the community decides there is not a need for playground equipment in them.

To view the locations of the five parks that underwent consultation, please click here.